Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sneak peak...

Here's a little sneak peak for y'all.  We're expanding to the space next to us so now you have more room to kick back and put your legs up.  No more jam packed weekends where there's no where to sit.  It's going to be pretty pimp.  

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Daily Herald

New Provo sandwich and salad shop has beautiful fixation on beef

September 13, 2012 12:03 am  •  

Located just off Bulldog Boulevard in Provo, Cubby's Chicago Beef is side-by-side with a Little Caesar's Pizza joint, which sort of seems like the fast food equivalent of hanging a Renoir next to a gum wrapper at an art gallery. Not to denigrate Cubby's by calling it fast food, but the service is friendly and, given that everything is made from scratch, orders are filled with impressive speed.
Cubby's has more of a bistro feel than your average grab-and-go chain outlet and, at least for now, the restaurant is one-of-a-kind -- there's a better-than-good chance that owner Cubby James will take your order at the counter and call your name when your food is ready. If, on the other hand, the hustle and bustle we saw on our Friday afternoon visit is any indication, then Cubby could probably open a second store tomorrow and there'd still be long lines during the lunchtime rush.
I have no memory of who or what leased the storefront before Cubby's showed up, but the space has been impressively and atmospherically renovated. There's distinctive wood trim everywhere and a larger-than-life menu on the wall alongside a massive chalk rendering of the distinctive Cubby's logo, a butcher-ready bovine.
We showed up at the perfect moment to snag a table for four, but seating is limited, so you may want to be flexible as to whether your dine on the spot or take your order to go.
Nobody is ever going to ask, "Where's the beef?" about Cubby's. There's cow meat in almost all of the salads and sandwiches, and lots of it. And while there is a Macey's supermarket at the other end of the parking lot, don't expect to see Cubby or his employees running over to restock. The restaurant takes pride in using grass-fed, hormone-and-antibiotic-free local beef (and, for that matter, organic, locally grown fruits and vegetables -- when in season -- and free-range hormone-and-antibiotic-free chicken).
The food is worthy of all that attention to the quality of the ingredients. The centerpiece of the menu is the Mr. Beef, which is named for the beloved Chicago eatery where Cubby discovered it. It comes stuffed with thin-sliced roast beef and giardiniera, a vegetable-rich Italian relish, and a footlong Mr. Beef packs enough of a wallop to satisfy two hungry diners.
We also tried the Rip City Tri Tip, a steak sandwich to appease even the meatiest of cravings with its combination of tri-tip steak and smoked bacon, garnished with caramelized onions, barbecue sauce and garlic butter. You can order the Tri Tip a couple of different ways, and we tried it Cali Style, with avocado and cheddar cheese, which is possibly the only way it could have been improved.
There are menu items called Heart Attack and Hoarder -- there's also a Cockadoodledoo grilled chicken-wich if beef and sausage are not your thing -- but we opted to round out our Cubby's experience with the Dragonslayer bleu cheese burger, which comes slathered in buffalo sauce and garnished with bacon, greens, grilled onions and tomato slices. My only regret about the Dragonslayer is that I shared it with my wife. Not that I don't love her, of course, but the Dragonslayer is a burger among burgers.
If the thought of bleu cheese and buffalo sauce is enticing, then be sure to try the Bleu Cheese Buffalo Fries, and also grab plenty of napkins. The undressed Rosemary Peppered Fries are also excellent, more than good enough to be eaten without being dipped in anything so vulgar as ketchup, which is equally true of the crispy, crinkle-cut Sweet Potato Fries.
I should also say a word about the salads, and if I had to pick just one, it would be: Yum! We tried the Tri Tip Steak Salad -- every bit as tasty as its cousin the sandwich -- but there's also a chicken salad, and a couple of meatless salads, that made my mouth water just reading their names. Seriously, who wouldn't want to try an Apple Pecan Chicken Salad, or a Pineapple Jicama Salad?
Even if you prefer vegetarian cuisine altogether, and not just when it comes to salads, Cubby has you covered: We tried both the Three Cheese Grilled Cheese sandwich (Pepper Jack, Swiss and cheddar) and The Portabella (marinated and grilled portabella mushroom) and found both delectable.
Whether you already love Windy City sandwiches, or you're about to experience them for the first time, Cubby's Chicago Beef will make you feel right at home.

you can read more here

square native

Cubby’s Chicago Beef

Cubby’s Chicago Beef is the newest, tastiest sandwich/salad shop in Provo. If you haven’t heard of it yet, don’t feel bad. It just opened at the end of May. But if you haven’t eaten there yet, you SHOULD feel bad. You’re missing out.
Cubby’s offers a variety of salads, sandwiches, burgers, and side dishes.  All the meat there is tender and bursting with flavor, the salads are made with fresh, crisp produce, and the fresh-cut rosemary fries will cross your eyes. Cubby (yeah, that’s the owner’s real name) uses local, fresh, and organic ingredients whenever possible.
I love the rustic/modern/southwestern-ish interior of the restaurant. This new little joint is perfect for a lunch party with friends, lovers, or co-workers. It’s also very kid-friendly. Check out Cubby placing hats on my cute little kids’ heads!
So, get yourself to Cubby’s like NOW. Ask Cubby for a hat. Eat a Tri Tip Steak Sandwich (or whatever you want. It’s all delicious).
Cubby’s Chicago Beef
1260 N State Street
Provo, UT
M-Th 11:00 am-9:00 pm
F-Sat 11:00 am-11:00 pm
You can read more here

Utah Valley Foodie


Cubby's Chicago Beef in Provo, Utah

Really Like:

Prepare yourselves....

Beet & Goat Cheese Salad

Cubby's is wonderful for both men who love hearty sandwiches and women who love salads. 
Also great for women who love hearty sandwiches and men who love salads. 
What an all-around great place!

Cubby's has only been open a few months, but they quickly became #1 on Urbanspoon's most reviewed/blogged about restaurants and remain in the top ten on UB's homepage. 
Cubby's got discovered FAST.

Original "Mr. Beef" - Thin slices of seasoned beef, topped with giardiniera (pickled veggies), placed on an Italian-style roll dipped in secret sauce.
Yep, the beef is great, grand, and wonderful. I've never been to Chicago, but I'd bet this one can hold it's least, that's what transplanted Chicagoans are saying.

Dragonslayer Burger - Bleu cheese burger, w/ spring mix, grilled onions, tomatoes, smoked bacon, & buffalo sauce, w/ housemade avocado spread.

I'm not kidding you--best burger I've ever had. I haven't uttered those words for a long time, let alone in Utah County, let alone, outside of In-n-Out (don't hate). I could scarcely think about anything else whilst eating it. They freshly grind their beef every day, so this patty is handmade folks and I'm pretty sure that had a lot to do with the incredible flavor and juiciness. It's the first time I've ever considered ordering a second burger right after consuming one. P.S.-The house-made avocado spread? Request it.

Chicago Dog

Three Cheese Grilled Cheese

Rib City Tri-Tip Steak Sandwich (Cali-Style: Avocado & Cheddar)
This sandwich is rightly popular--messy & delicious!

Tri-Tip Steak Salad
I didn't actually try this salad, but they let me snap a picture while I was waiting. 
Shall we try it soon?

Hoarder Burger - Sautéed portabella mushrooms, smoked bacon, crispy onions, smoked gouda, mixed greens, and a garlic aioli tarragon sauce.

This post consists of two visits.
After our first visit, Mark begged that we go back the next weekend "so I could gather more pictures", and welp, we're well on our way of trying everything on the menu!

P.S.- Their fries are skinny and terrific as well. I took a picture of my fries but it seemed to have disappeared into computer oblivion. :(

You can read more here

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Our gift cards will be here in September 24!  Counting down...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

BYU Magazine article

Chicago beef targets Provo women

Cubby’s, located at 1258 State St. in Provo, is easily recognized by its light-up sign hanging outside. Its owner, Cubby James, set out to make a restaurant appealing to both men and women through healthy menu options, something atypical for Chicago beef sandwich places.
“I didn’t want to make a niche restaurant or a beef house where only guys want to hang out,” James said.
Kenneth Baldwin
Cubby's chefs hard at work making Chicago beef sandwiches. Cubby's food focuses on fresh, local ingredients.
To accomplish his goal, James designed a menu that integrates unique vegetable combinations in his sandwiches and vegetarian salads. He also decorated his restaurant with original artwork and a rustic-downtown vibe.
Chicago beef is not known for its health benefits but Cubby’s worked to counteract beef’s reputation with organic produce.
James, a California born Chicago native, derived the recipe from one of his favorite beef sandwich places while living in Illinois. He noted the key was using “fresh ingredients.”
While James was setting up his restaurant, he reunited with an old college acquaintance who owns a local farm. The friendly partnership provides Cubby’s with the organic produce it needs for its salads and sandwiches.
“We use all local ingredients so you get more nutrients and more flavor,” James said. “It’s not just organic. We could be organic but have our stuff shipped to us for days on a truck from California.”
Greg Bodin, a Cubby’s employee, has noticed their strategy to attract both genders appears to be working.
“We have the beef for the men and the salads for the women,” said Bodin. “A lot of guys are liking the salads too though.”
This approach to freshness brings a balance between the practicality of the daily grind and the health craze sweeping the nation.
Bodin said James is already seeing enough excitement to think toward future locations.
“He wants to open a new location even in the next several months,” said Bodin. “He’s definitely got a fire.”
Caitlin Mitchell, a BYU student studying American and Spanish studies, has dined at their first location twice and brought her family back the second time.
“I’m from Chicago and what I miss most is the food,” Mitchell said. “When I go to eat with my family we all order different things so we can all share. I tried a lot of things at Cubby’s and they’re all good.”
The local Chicago beef house is seeing a lot of activity so far. It is a good sign their strategy is working. The restaurant is often packed, especially at lunch hour.
“We see a lot of couples here,” Bodin said. “I think women like the design of the restaurant and men like the three big screen playing SportsCenter.”

An article in the lastest BYU magazine.  You know it, Cubby's knows how to treat his girls.

Utah Valley magazine

Read this new article about us in the September/October issue of the Utah Valley Magazine.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Look at her

The sign goes up!  We may need to put something behind it because when the sun hit's it, you can't see a thing.

cubby's cow

Working on the masterpiece

The building of Cubby's

Almost time

The painters putting up the rest of the black chalkboard paint.
Subway tile that are size 6x8 with dark grout.
Our builder guy found this formica for super cheap and talked cubby into using it on the walls.  We thought it was really ugly, but cubby was like why not?  It's in the back.  Then it went up and it looked like a chinese workout room.  Ah man.  We got them to epoxy over it with white paint.

Cub having a heart to heart with his contractor.
The bathrooms...already cute 50's look.

Cub's store in the works.

I saw the sign

This is what we're using for the front of the store with lightbulbs in it.  
Cubby's logo is finished.  Yipee!  Kelly made the logo for us and we feel so lucky that we had her talented skillz.

This is the light bulb sign that we're doing.  It's going to look a little bit like this with the brushed nickel.  Baker's company, Yesco, is doing the sign.