Monday, January 13, 2014

Meet Damian

Damian is our head chef, the man who runs our proud little kitchen. He really is such a stellar guy. If you ever see him around you should give him an appreciative nod or some kind of thumbs up--maybe even a "hey man" if you're feeling kinda wild. I personally am so happy to be featuring him this week because he has a sweet heart and mad talent with food. Hopefully this will give you a glance at the staff we're so pumped to have working at Cubby's. 

Damian, Age 44 (but don't tell too many people he asks), from Argentina 

Q: What is your favorite thing to cook for yourself?
A: Pastries and pasta
Q: What is your favorite Cubby's menu item?
A: I love the Mr. Beef and the Blue Cheese Buffalo Fries

Damian probably only loves 3 things in this world. His family, food, and this car. It's one of the very first things I ever learned about him. 

Q: How did you learn to cook?
A: I started cooking when I was 10 years old. My mom would teach me how to cook something we make in my country. After that the kitchen and cooking took all of my attention and it turned into a passion. "It's all the ingredients in my blood!!!" 

Q: What other hobbies do you have?
A: I love to dance, play soccer, and tennis

Q: Do you know who Nicki Minaj is?
A: I don't know who Kiki is. I probably need to meet her or him!!

Q: What do you do on your day off?
A: I spend time with my daughters and friends, doing things like dancing, movies, or BBQ

(a few minutes later..."Wait! What is Kiki Minaj?!?")

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