Monday, March 2, 2015


A lot has been happening for us! Here are some updates.

We opened a new store in Spanish Fork!

We've already started concepting our store for Sugarhouse in SLC

We rearranged some space in Lehi and added more seating 

The Wild Rice Kale Salad was added to our menu(I practically live off of it)

We now offer our full menu in Provo. That means you can get The Gypsy, The Wild Rice Kale Salad, The Pikey and the Citrus Kale Salad without having to beg your spouse to pick it up for you on their way home from work.

We had a Valentine's Day contest

All around, things are just looking pretty yum these days.


  1. I took a jaunt down to your Lehi location and LOVED IT!!!!!! You NEED to open one up in the Herriman/Riverton/South Jordan area off of Bangerter...Seriously!

  2. when will SLC be opening?!?! cannot wait!!

  3. Do you have your nutrition facts available?

  4. Just ate at your Spanish Fork location at the end of our long roadtrip from Arizona. We'd love to see you open a store in Mesa Arizona!

  5. I second the opening of one in Riverton/southjordan!!!! I'm pretty sure I alone could single handedly keep you in business. I want cubby's everyday!